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Boxed Marketing
Brand Selected: Boxed.com
National Ideology: Technology Boom
The onset of technology advancement opened new marketing opportunities for online business by enabling online purchase of products. This created a larger demand for shipping and transportation of goods all over the globe. New markets were developed as online shopping increased in the United States and this spiked interest among shipping and delivery companies. As the idea of online marketing kept growing with the advance in technology companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Target, and Costco have been a target for product shipping. Box.com took advantage of this rising market opportunity to offer the client with reliable shipping options.
Contradiction: Online Competitors
E-Commerce marketing is booming with thousands of companies sprouting with a similar marketing strategy. However, the challenges are set on the nature of the product delivered to consumers. Most of the companies trading online provide small bulk transportation, and this has been the game changer for Boxed. Since its implementation in 2013, Boxed entered the online market with a different strategy that has given them a market advantage over other online companies offering similar services (Ellis 14). Prior to their launch, online buyers could not purchase bulky good due to the extreme cost and burden of transportation. However, Boxed to the opportunity to change the mark…

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