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Nick Saban: Becoming a Leader
The article Nick Saban: Becoming a Leader, discusses the victory path of one of the most outstanding coaches in the United States. His success in the sporting arena started with a purpose which regarded as an imperative step in the process of pursuing success. Although he has an excellent performance in coaching, Saban has significant values like team player that contributes to his success as a leader. The article further explains the life of Saban during his early years as the head coach from 1973-1987.
The author further integrates significant theories that are in tandem with Nick Saban’s attributes. Firstly, the article discusses the expectancy theory relationship with Saban’s life. Presumably, the theory argues that motivation comes to an individual basing on their expectations. Thus, Saban had different career expectations that strengthened his spirit to develop passion towards his mission (“Nick Saban: becoming the leader”). Although he has won various championships as the head coach, he does not relax but continues to pursue higher goals in football leadership. Consequently, exceeded his expectations as a leader leading to self-actualization.
The second theory that the article uses in describing Saban’s achievement is the goal-setting theory. The theory assumes that more challenging tasks have a higher potential for excellence. Saban managed to apply this theory in making his …

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