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The London Symphony
Classical music based its focus on precision, clarity, and the formal structure (Lowe, 4). The dynamics of the music frequently change as the result of all the performers simultaneously changing the dynamic level (Kamien, 8). The change is quite enjoyable as the performers go through crescendo. The softer sounds are played and become loud gradually until the loud sounds pick up with the tempo of the beats. The music begins loudly, and at 00.10 seconds, it goes low before picking up at 00.18 seconds.
The rhythm is a minor aspect and cannot be used to explain the classical style as it has multiple patterns. The composition conveys a consistent rhythmic design, but it is not repeated at any points. The rhythm might be seen as dotted, slow, cardiac or steady since the various types of musical instruments used in the composition rise and fall at uncertain times.
The beat in the orchestral composition is in triple meter, and it is continuously maintained and significantly stands out. The various musical instruments used in creating the great beat are the string instruments namely the violas, double bass, cellos and the 1st and 2nd violins. The woodwind instruments, that is, the oboes, bassoons, clarinets, and flutes (Lowe, 8). The brass instruments were also used namely trumpets and French horns. Finally, the Percussion instruments specifically, the timpani.
The tempo of the musical composition is an accelerando. …

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