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Logistics Management document

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Logistics Management
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The current competition in trade has made manufactures to work hard towards supplying their products to the consumers. Arguably, they perform such processes faster with the aim of keeping their competitors at bay. Through logistics management organizations have managed to plan, control and implement the flow of services and goods from the manufacturer to the consumers with minimal flaws. Customer demands can only be met if manufacturers and producers provide channels that are efficient and effective in the process of storing and transporting products. The paper makes use of Coca-Cola company and describes how it operates and manages its business operations while focusing on information technology and distribution which has often contributed to its competitive advantage. The logistic process that were found to be vital for the organization included but not limited to packaging, warehousing, inventory management and transportation. The soft drink industry was used because of its major distribution links around the globe. The company has been able to make use of different marketing and distribution facets that have enabled it to become one of the best around the globe. Information for the paper was retrieved from the company website, publications, journals and other internet sources. The paper found out that the use of synchronized strategies is profitable for retail organizations like Coca-C…

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