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Living Independent

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Living Independent
The capability to live independently and prolifically is something that not everyone can manage. Independence is a critical aspect of survival especially in the contemporary world, which entails struggling for limited resources. Learning to support yourself is essential for the realization of personal goals, especially financial independence. When people live independently, they gain essential skills related to the achievement of economic freedom (Smith 1). Living alone indicates the ability to work and earn wages. These remunerations not only boost the capacity of meeting personal needs but also prepare people for the future.
Aside from financial autonomy, living alone increases the opportunity to make personal decisions without external interference. When people live on their own, they can recognize the fact that they have themselves to fall back on at the end of the day. They realize that it is exceedingly vital to handle things at a personal level as it promotes security (Gaymu and Springer 45). It is exceptionally empowering when people take control of their lives and can make own choices. Living independent allows people to listen to personal instincts and the inside voice as opposed to berating the opinions of others.
Negative emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness are an essential part of life. People often struggle with how to handle these feelings effectively. Living independently p…

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