Living Conditions in New York Slums

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Living Conditions in New York Slums

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Living Conditions in New York Slums
The documentary film and the attached document reveals the horrific conditions in which people from the New York City were facing. Neighborhood cities were one of the most populated areas during the Gilded Age, and this condition could lead to adverse effects if not taken care off. This paper seeks to reveal the living and working conditions, why they are surprising, alleviating the circumstances and why they persisted and developed throughout the gilded age.
The video and the document reveal that the tenants in New York were forced to live in horrific conditions despite the fact that they worked for seven days in a week. According to the video, many people were killed by diseases living tens of thousands of abandoned children to struggle for their lives (Dynebuddha). It is depicted as one of the poorest neighborhoods in which the individuals residing in it faced a lot of hard conditions. Individuals underwent numerous sufferings because of overcrowding, cheaply constructed tenants that housed millions of new immigrants and unsanitary conditions.
The conditions of the housing in which the people were living in compared to the time they were devoted to work are surprising. Since the individuals worked for long hours, they were supposed to live in better houses. However, the fact that there were no laws to control such a vast population is surprising. Due to lack of rules, the peopl…

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