Living a Country Life

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Living a Country Life

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Living a Country Life
Before civilization, the natural habitat of human beings was the Savannah. The major economic activity people carried out for survival was hunting and gathering. The activities did not allow permanent settlement. With the aim of finding new resources, people kept on moving from one place to another. Migration was common until the agrarian revolution when people started domestication of plants and animals. Humans were able to grow their food and keep livestock. People started living on farms where houses were grouped into villages. Some of these villages developed into towns and cities. However, some individuals chose to live in the rural areas where they were involved in agricultural activities. In the early days, only a small population lived in the urban areas where they were involved in trading and administrative activities. Urban areas were deemed to be the most developed places while places where, development was not intense, were the rural setting. Many people started the rural-urban migration in search of better living conditions. However, in the modern days living in the rural areas has been accompanied by a positive attitude and it has also had an influence in various genres of art, scientific innovations and a subject to public opinion. This paper aims to lay focus on living a country life.
Nowadays people are faced with the challenge of choosing where to live. The choices depend on the preferences of the individual. Some people consider…

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