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Literature Research Proposal

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The Pursuit of Happyness
Chris Gardner’s, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness”, is one of the fascinating memoirs explaining the story of a successful entrepreneur who came from a less affluent family. Although Gardner did not attain a college education, his book sheds essential light to the idea of resilience for success. While the impoverished childhood appears to be the authors greatest motive to pursue success, the goal of becoming a stockbroker to afford a Ferrari plays an integral part in achieving the financial goals (Gardner 20). Arguably, Chris Gardner’s story is a self-reflection of a motivational speaker using his life events to inspire the audience against giving up. Being a poor black child and living in with an abusive stepfather, Gardner’s inability to proceed with college education presented significant barriers that almost shuttered his American dream.
In the 1960s, after gaining his senses and developing the urge to join the Navy, Gardner, encounters his first fiancé, Sherry Dyson. They engage in a long-distance relationship that sees Garner working as a marine in North Carolina while Dyson resides in West Virginia (Garner 101). At the military camp, he receives medical training that enables him to publish prestigious journals in medicine. However, the need to grow his personal life makes him maintain contact with Sherry and later marriage.
Marriage seems a wrong choice for him because it appears too…

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