Literary Analysis Assignment English !B

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Literary Analysis Assignment English !B

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Beauty is only skin deep: A character analysis of Pecola Breedlove
In the simplest of terms, Pecola Breedlove is one of the saddest characters that Toni Morrison ever created. A writer known for her radical writing meant to promote the black’s status as a race, Toni brings with this novel a glaring epiphany of the society hypocrisy when it comes to beauty. What is pale and perfect and plump is considered beautiful: what is coloured and short is not.
Such is the plight of Pecola, who, over the course of the novel struggles to think of herself as beautiful, and in the end loses her faculties to it. None of this, however, was Pecola’s fault: she was simply a young girl looking for a place in a society that was too shallow to see her beauty: she was repeatedly berated by all those around her, which created a desperation to feel accepted, to conform to the standards of beauty that had been following her since she was born.
This paper is a detailed character analysis of Pecola, and an exploration how, in one way or another, and deep down, all women are Pecola, and going through the same tribulations that she did. Even after decades of advancement, the women of today, like Pecola, struggle to conform to the standards of beauty defined by their immediate society, which eventually takes a toll on not only their mental well-being, but also how they view society.
With the Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison criticizes the largely accepted standards of …

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