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Admission Essay
I got raised in a close-knit community where every day I would come across familiar faces in the streets, and as young people, we had common friends. Neighbors would correct you if wrong and discipline was instilled from a young age by the community. I come from a close family where unity and love was the order of the day. We would have dinner together some of the days as a family because my parents would be at work all day and my siblings and I would be at school. During these dinners, we would talk about how our days went and any other activity we missed as a family. In our community, unity and teamwork were highly regarded as we would help one another. These values taught me how to be appreciative and the importance of respect and cooperation.
We were not that rich, but we had a decent life with all our basic needs met. My parents worked as nurses in the local hospital, but I was never interested in pursuing that line of career. Due to their long shifts, we never got to spend much time together, but I never felt neglected either because they always made time for us especially at dinner time. My parents always made time for family meetings at school and some other times they would also attend any co-curricular activities where we were involved. We also had family activities that helped us bond such as playing basketball and spending some weekends together at the beach.
My parent’s dedication to their work motivated me to work h…

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