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list of 10 questions

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List of 10 Questions
Q 1. How can you define your situation currently?
Reason: To identify what the client is going through and knows the direction to follow throughout the counseling session (Boelen et al., 277).
Q 2. How long have you experienced what you are feeling right now?
Reason: To know the psychological as well as the clinical symptoms and the preferred measures to take and therefore advice the client.
Q 3. According to you, what is the cause of these problems?
Reason: To help find out the exact effect of the underlying problem to the client and start developing the recommendation.
Q 4. What measures have you put in place so far to try and manage these problems?
Reason: To help determine the strategies to be used to help the client recover.
Q 5. According to you, what do you think is the best measure that can help solve your problem completely?
Reason: To help in the development of the best-integrated method to combat the problem.
Q 6. How much effort are you ready to put in place to help deal with the condition you are going through?
Reason: To know whether the client is ready to deal with the condition he/she is going through (Boelen et al., 278).
Q 7. What kind of changes do you hope for?
Reason: To identify the results that the counseling session and monitoring process should yield.
Q 8. How optimistic are you as far as the management of these problems is concerned?
Reason: To know how…

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