Limits to U.S. long-term economic growth

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Limits to U.S. long-term economic growth

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Limit to U.S Long-Term Economic Growth
Economic development of a country denotes to the nation’s output regarding its production of both goods and services. The economic growth rate of the United States has been on the rise in the past years. When looked at statistically, the economy of the country has risen steadily over the past years. Nevertheless, several factors can hinder the growth of the economy in the United States in the long term.
These factors include the following; one is the capital. Capital availability for the country consists of both physical and human factors. (Meadows, Donella, 25) Physical factors are implements required by the state to become viable productive. Human factors include the education level of the citizens who provide the labor to the economic agents that enable the prosperity of the country’s economy. (Meadows, Donella, 28)
Technological knowledge is another factor; it is about technological advancement and inventions currently taking place. The rate at which inventions are being brought into being is slow. Therefore, there is a risk that it might become a hindrance to the economic growth in the future. The third-factor being infrastructure, the development of the foundation is currently at a standstill in that no new infrastructures are being made such that only the infrastructures made in the past are being used. Therefore, in the future, it can hinder the development of the country’s economy.

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