Limits of Research Data

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Limits of Research Data

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Limits of Research Data
The use of data in making decisions in organizations has become a common trend which has led to the rise of data-driven organizations. Gaurav Vohra in the article “Here Are the Benefits of Data-Driven Decision Making” argues that if an organization makes the decision to be data-driven, it must be data-driven in everything—you cannot pick and choose when you will or when you will not (Vohra 1). Based on my own opinion, I totally disagree with the author.
In spite of some of the benefits which are associated with using data in making some critical decisions in organizations, it has one major demerit in that it denies the organization managers the ability to utilize their instincts which is key to the success of a business. At some point, organizations ought to explore ideas that are not data related. For instance, the use of instinct in making a decision will make managers explore their ability to explore new opportunities which might not be provided by the data. An epitome of such a case is where the manager may use his or her instincts to explore the new market opportunities for the business. In addition, the use of data may not be possible for a new organization since such organizations may still lack the needed internal information, and in case such information may be available then the information will not be enough to be relied on by the organization. Therefore, the use of data in…

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