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Liked For Myself

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Do not Judge a Book by its Cover
The paper will cover the importance of not judging a person or even item by virtue of its first impression. It will draw examples from Maya Angelou’s text “Liked for Myself”. The text features Marguerite Ann Johnson’s life in Stamps and how Mrs. Flowers changes it. She does this by giving her, her voice back as she self-muted after a rape incident.
From the text, Mrs. Flowers is seen as an elegant black lady. To Marguerite, she has the poise and beauty that only the white ladies from books and films possess. With this view, she is only seen to associate with high-class items. She is seen interacting with the poor white folks. This goes against what Ann would have imagined her to be. She is seen here as a human being with faults just like all other people CITATION May15 l 1033 (Angelou, 2015).
At first instance, we are introduced to an almost godlike representation of her person. However, her later interactions reveal that she is only human. Momma and Mrs. Flowers also interact in the book and even share giggles. This is different from what an educated lady would do. She interacted with Momma who was not formally educated as she was. The snobbery appearance that was imagined with her poise and elegance disappears because of that interaction. She is seen as any other woman in need of social connections.

From the text, we learn a little …

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