Life Span Development – Toddler observation

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Life Span Development – Toddler observation

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Life Span Development – Toddler observation
Setting and Description of Child
The hospital is located in a beautiful neighbourhood in Benicia where the rate of arrival is quite low when compared to the neighbouring cities. The surroundings of the hospital are very lush considering there are several trees and bushes within the environment of the centre as well as several bushes and a variety of plants around the building. The building itself is very magnificent and is of decent size. I would neither describe its size as small or large. There is a bell tower just adjacent to the building structure. As one enters the building, there is woven bench complete with pillows placed near the front door. One can see the fenced playground from the parking lot. The playground has a lot of space, is colourfully painted, and has toy cars, tricycles and a grass area. To ensure safety at the building, all the parents have been given safety codes to enable them access the building, coupled with the fact that the entrance is always guided by security personnel.
The management of the institution has invested in a bus of a meaningful size that are decorated with pictures of several children from different ethical origins. The purpose of the buses is to drop off and pick up school going children as they commute to and from school. The students too are equipped with individual codes to enable them assess the building. Though it is quite early…

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