Life in High School

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Life in High School

Category: Admission Essay

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Level: High School

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Life in High School
One of the fascinating stages in my life was a period in high school. The exciting aspect of life at this stage was that it gave me an opportunity to explore because I was having the independence of mind and making life-related choices for the first time. I also found that life in high school provided teenagers with chances of diving into the ocean of challenges, new beginning and possibilities. Despite these experiences, my experience in high school taught me one fundamental aspect. That life is very unpredictable if one does not have well-informed decisions.
At this stage, life might be good, weird or bad. However, one should be ready to challenge every opportunity as it comes. At some point, I thought I had the best approach of passing my exams and hoped that I would get grades to enable me to secure my dream career in one of the best colleges in the country. The next moment, my grades were crumbling, and I could not tell my strengths, weakness, or career that best suited my academic abilities. Whenever these happened, I realized that life was not only unpredictable but a stepping stone that prepared one to face daunting life-related challenges ahead.
The unpredictability of life in high school further involved socio-cultural levels of interactions. High school introduced me to a blend of joy and hardship in my attempts to deal with people from different cultures and communities. In several…

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