Life in a Medieval City. Joseph & Frances Gies

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Life in a Medieval City. Joseph & Frances Gies

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Life in a Medieval City by Joseph & Frances Gies
Question 1
Purpose of a Garderobe
A garderobe is simply a place where people store their clothes or valuables for a temporary period. Some refer to it as a medieval toilet where visitors store their possessions that they need to collect as they leave. It is found in public places and someone gets a tag for the valuable stored and present the card when colleting their valuable.
Why clothes stored there
Clothes were stored in the garderobe as they offered temporary security to them. A visitor would leave their clothes and have the assurance that they will find the clothes whenever they needed them. The ammonia used to preserve the clothes in the room was also an added advantage as it helped the owners disinfect their clothes against fleas.
Question 2
Hazards of birth
The possibility that there would be complications afterwards to the woman and the life of the new mother is at the hand of incompetence. The newborn was also at a risk of getting a disease due to exposure.
Religious Ceremony after birth
The woman was to go for a cleansing ceremony because of the blood they shed while giving birth. It was different if a person gave birth to a boy and a girl since all had different procedures.
Question 3
Children’s games
Most of the games by children were to provoke their minds to be creative and innovative. Most times the children made the games themselves.
Games have …

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