Liberalism versus Sociolism

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Liberalism versus Sociolism

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Liberalism versus Socialism
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Liberalism has a broad meaning in political life but mostly considers individual liberty as its major goal (Bell, 2014). Most liberals remain with the fact that a government is important for the protection of these rights, but different types of liberalism propose different policies. For individualism, every person should have equal rights, and the government must protect those rights. Thus a person should have freedom of speech and think, and this it calls for transparency and democratic system of governance. Liberalism believes in progress and thus no dwelling on traditions (Bell, 2014). Liberals depend on the government in solving their problems especially on changing existing traditions to modern ways of life.
How modern liberalism varies from classical liberalism
Modern liberalism is not wholly individualistic nor collectivist it has doctrines. It dwells more on taste rather than thoughts. Individuals with the same taste for example in politics will of course bring into office the same candidates; these candidates form political parties and bring up ideas that are inconsistent and normally incoherent (Faria, 2012). To help governments to protect liberty, this aspect came into existence. Classical liberalism emphasizes rights being formed by the people and the government ought to protect these rights (Coleman, n.d.). They can also dissolve these rights anytime.
Similarities between classical l…

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