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Importance of Worshiping God
Without Him, I would not have existed in the first place. Therefore, when it comes to ranking the essential things in my life, worshiping of God takes the first position. I find worshipping of God important in my life for various reasons. First, He is my creator and the creator of the universe. In this regard, God is the most powerful being and He has the power to control everything both the living and the dead, things below, above and on the earth surface. Therefore, I worship God for who He is. He controls everything and thus makes all the decision. At will, he can decide to end my life for not living according to His will. Secondly, I find worshipping of God essential since He controls my destiny. He knows what He has in store for me. Worshipping him, therefore, is one of the means of asking Him to let His will prevail and requesting whatever I desire. He is kind; if you ask, He will surely give. I also find worshipping of God important because it is the only means of thanking Him for what He has done for me. From the time of my birth to date, God has been faithful, kind and merciful to me. Therefore, worshipping Him is the only way I can appreciate Him for what He has done for me. More importantly, God has asked us in John 4 to worship Him (Boschman 1). In this regard, I find worshipping Him vital as it is one of the ways of living according to His wishes.
Lessons from the Old Testament Worships

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