Letter of Recommendation Associate Professor

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Letter of Recommendation Associate Professor

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Letter of Recommendation Associate Professor

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Mr. Le who through writing approached me to serve as a reference on his behalf.
Personally, I have known Mr. Le since the time he was working as a lecturer in the Faculty of International Communication and Cultural Diplomacy. During that period, Mr. Le served as my assistant, handling some of my classes whenever there was a need. Among the lessons that he handled on my behalf over the two years we worked together include; Translation in Cultural Issues in the year 2014 and Issues of Cultural Diplomacy the following year. He handled his duties and responsibilities to the best of my satisfaction as well as the students’. He achieved this by employing recitations in addition to group discussions. This helped Mr. Le develop a close relationship with the students, an essential element in our profession.

His academic background cannot be doubted at all. Mr. Le exhibited a great understanding and mastery in areas of disciplinary communication, cross-culture, and international relation, and oral expression. This was evident throughout my interaction with him as well as his handling of duty. He was always determined to give his best and got along well with everyone he came across including his students.
His contribution was felt at all corners of the faculty because apart from being a teacher, Mr. Le always created time to help the needy. I recall incidences whereby he could spend the who…

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