Letter for motivation for acceptance for Phd (Orthodontics)

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Letter for motivation for acceptance for Phd (Orthodontics)

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Motivation to Undertake a Doctoral Orthodontics Program
To: The Post-Graduate Recruitment Committee at the Western Cape,
I wish to pursue the doctorate program in Orthodontics at the Western Cape University. I am a seasoned orthodontics professional with over five years of working and research experience. I have practiced as a licensed orthodontic at various levels and capacities both as the owner of a private practice clinic in Namibia and also played a managerial and supervisory role at the Western Cape University during my residency. The motivation to undertake a doctoral program comes from a pressing passion, my continued dedication and commitment in the dental field. A key aspiration of undertaking this program is to pioneer in breakthroughs in orthodontics and dental surgery. I believe the Western Cape University presents to me numerous opportunities as a result of my past education at the University and my residency program that majorly involved working with medicine and dentistry students. For instance, I undertook the orthodontics residency program at the Western Cape from June 2004 to September 2009. The doctoral program at Cape will help transform my understanding of orthodontics and positively impact my present and future practice as a licensed and seasoned dental professional.
I undertook a Bachelor’s in General Dentistry from the University of Pretoria and consecutively ranked as one of the top dentistry graduates of the year 2001; a title that was referr…

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