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Let’s Get Ready Revised

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Student Name
Let’s Get Ready Program
Why are you interested in Let’s Get Ready and this role in particular?
Let’s Get Ready is a program that offers free SAT preparation, counseling, and admissions to high-school students who are from low-income areas. I will be honored to be part of the Americas largest student-run network and assist these students to get access to college programs. I desire to be among the team members who will make a significant impact on other people’s lives. I have vast experience in this field and especially my active participation in volunteering services in different institutions in the past. I am interested in this particular role since I am a focused individual, who is enthusiastic, and driven by the desire to be the change the world needs.
This job requires a strong sense of leadership and self-motivation. Please describe a professional or academic experience you’ve had that most represent these qualities
Recently, I had an experience that revealed that I had a strong sense of self-motivation and leadership. At that time, I was volunteering at the ASA College as an English composition tutor. The students I handled by the start of that session had difficulties in composing creative essays. I had to dedicate myself entirely to making sure that they had understood the areas they were struggling with. I committed extra hours to ensure that I made a difference in the students’ lives. My efforts paid off, and th…

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