lessons learned from theories

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lessons learned from theories

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Lessons Learned from Counselling Theories
From these cases and counselling theories, I have learnt various things about myself as I develop into an integrated councilor. I have also learnt about the techniques and tools that can be used in therapy. The main idea in counselling psychology is to ensure that you have understood the client and the numerous theories behind various behaviors. Concerning myself, I have realized that I am a realistic therapist. I take into consideration multiple issues such as counselling people who come to cancelling because of parole issues. In such cases, I have to be considerate to ensure that I abide by the law and at the same time stay professional to help my clients. The case of different clients has shown me the light about how to deal with drug users. These people sometimes want to escape their reality but do not know how to start avoiding the drugs. It has made me understand myself about dealing with such issues. The cases have also taught me how to deal with aggressive people.
There are also various ways that I will use to continue to develop as an integrated psychologist. Integrated counselling styles involve numerous issues from cognitive therapy to the fundamental behavior counselling. I also have to develop spiritually so that I can assist those who may need spiritual counselling (Fassinger, 156). This is an important part of counselling psychology that cannot be avoided. As I develop into an all-ro…

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