Lesson Plan Assignment

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Lesson Plan Assignment

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Lesson Plan 1

Unit: Data Displays Grade:2
Lesson: Bar Graphs Teacher: Name
State Curriculum Indicator or Common Core Standard
Standard 4.0 Knowledge of Statistics
State Objective or items unique to Maryland Common Core State Curriculum Frameworks (found in red print)
Data Displays
1. Collect, Organize and Display Data
c. Make pictographs by organizing and displaying data using scales of 1:1 and 2:1
d. Make single bar graphs by organizing and displaying data
Your Lesson Objective Students will be able to collect data and draw a bar graph of their findings.
Teacher Materials Book: Beginning Charts, Graphs & Diagrams by Patty, Carratello. Grades 2-4
Laptop and Projector.
Student Materials
Artificial insects: crickets, spiders, worms, etc.
Blank pictographs
Graph paper
Four column charts
I will start by asking the learners who like insects to raise their hands. Then I will proceed to find the type of insects each like. They will then Think Pair Share with their buddies and write the findings on the board.
I will tell them on how every time a person says spider or cricket, we will have to count all the times and write on the board.
I will also show them that today I am going to teach them on how to simplify this exercise by taking the data and putting it into a bar graph thus making it easy to understand the favorite class insect.
I will begin with showing the class a Video: show Video o…

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