Lesson 12 Digging Deeper: Shaping an Argument

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Lesson 12 Digging Deeper: Shaping an Argument

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Lesson 12 Topic: What Percentage of Women Regret Undergoing Abortion Procedures in The Long Term?
Most of the women choosing to undergo abortion procedures, in order to terminate pregnancies, would be regretting such a decision in the long term due to its reputed correlation with feticide.
Supporting Point 1. Women choosing to undergo abortions prefer to choose temporary relief over prolonged feelings of distress that gradually embolden due to the innate emotional connection between a mother and her child.
Supporting Point 2. Most women harbor a sense of regret due to the act of murdering their own flesh and blood, deeming it as a vile and abhorrible deed of which grief is a suitable consequence.
Supporting Point 3. Majority of the women choosing abortion tend to be young and inexperienced and concur to such a procedure in a state of panic and frenzy, influenced by the upcoming burden of responsibility.
Supporting Facts or Examples 1. The formulation of the maternal bond from the early onset of pregnancy is widely justified by medical publications, terming it as a period of “socialization” that affects both the mother and child by the manner in which the relationship is managed (Bornstein et al. par. 10).
Supporting Facts or Examples 2. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Ethics confirms that the psychiatric consequences faced by women long …

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