Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonnas

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonnas

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonnas
By the 16th century, the Renaissance philosophy was spreading through Europe. The Renaissance philosophy was called humanism. Humanism rebuked the influence of scholastic and conventional beliefs and promoted education, and the idea of a well-rounded man capable of assessing its place in the world, and the society. Leonardo was the best example of a renaissance man. A well-cultivated person who is always willing to learn something new, and discover the secrets of the classic world. However, many times Leonardo is seen as an illiterate, or a mere copyist of other’s ideas. It is true that Leonardo holds a great debt to tradition, but the independent contributions he did are too important to be bypassed (Kemp 251). When reading the papers da Vinci left, we can see that Leonardo was an exceptional man who excelled in all the artistic fields, and did substantial contributions to many other subjects. Leonardo was a renaissance man, but he was not a scholar. That is why his work is so interesting, because he relies on his senses, rather than in scholar sources to do his works. Da Vinci’s senses were so keen that he was able to spot and reproduce the movements of the body with incredible precision. Moreover, since he was not a bookish kind of man, he was more interested in what his senses showed him. (Gombrich 185).
Leonardo da Vinci was born near in the Tuscan town of Vinci. He was the illegitimate son of a local lawyer. In his youth, he served as …

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