Legal Marijuana

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Legal Marijuana

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Legal Marijuana
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Legal Marijuana
Canada will be the first among the G7 countries to legalize recreational marijuana despite the controversies surrounding its use. Efforts to authorize the use of cannabis date back to spring 2017 when the federal government announced its intentions to regulate marijuana’s cultivation, supply, sale, and consumption. Although the government anticipates a few complications such as illegal entry of people into the country, legal marijuana will be a significant source of income in Canada. Legalization of the drug will also introduce a new sector to the formal economy besides stripping illegal sales. The government hopes to open a marijuana market by the end of summer 2018 (Quinn, 2018). Since provincial and local governments are in need of a new source of revenue, legal marijuana presents the best opportunity to improve municipal services and infrastructure.
Provincial and local governments in Canada are under economic strain due to intensifying responsibilities. Also, issues related to revenue deficiencies to support infrastructural development, climate change, and an aging population have contributed considerably to the need for more reliable sources of revenue. According to Quinn (2018), provincial governments in Canada today are facing significant challenges linked to constrained revenue-generating capabilities. It is vital to note that property tax, which is the primary revenue source for t…

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