Legal and Ethical issues in Healthcare Management 3

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Legal and Ethical issues in Healthcare Management 3

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management
Healthcare field tends to have many regulations and laws that practitioners need to consider while on duty. Some laws even appear to be complex, for instance, the federal law accepts euthanasia as one of the methods used to help people who are suffering from an irreversible coma. But ethically it is wrong to end the life of an individual since God is the one who created us and nature should take control. Confidentiality can be considered to be an ethical and legal issue. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law which protects patients and how their information can be released (Chen & Benusa, 2017). The law does not allow clinicians to release information about patients without their consent (Frerich et al., 2012). Ethically, it is good to keep patients records and other hospital information as one way to show respect. Releasing patients’ information without their authority could make them feel embarrassed in the society.
Malpractice is another ethical issue; practitioners or clinicians need to administer the correct medication to clients (Zhan, Niying, Mengsi, Dear & Chee-Ruey, 2017). Patients are human beings, and they need to be well taken care of; hence, any surgery to be conducted should not cause harm. Also, there are laws which protect patients from clinicians who perform medical procedures and deliberately causing harm. Thus, such laws are there to ensure patients receive the best s…

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