Learning Development and Classroom Management

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Learning Development and Classroom Management

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Learning Development and Classroom Management

Classroom development management is the process of monitoring how a child develops through the different stages of life. It is essential that the teachers promote healthy development and identify problems in the child in case they exist. Standardized processes of growth include the great ability of a teacher to be sensitive to various milestones and cognitive processes. They are a diverse framework that can be used to develop a classroom management strategy that is appropriate for multiple developments. This is applicable in different stages of development as they show various signs that can be used to tell the social and emotional needs of a child. During each stage of development, infant, toddler, school-age and adolescent, the child undergoes changes that have to be identified as they can tell in case the child has a problem. As a teacher, it is important to use teaching as a cognitive development study program while monitoring the development of a child. Other surveillance programs may also be crucial especially those that are developed at home. The chart below shows needs to classroom management strategies that are appropriate for different stages of development. These strategies show cognitive social and emotional skills put together during each stage of development.
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