Leadership theory

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Leadership theory

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Leadership theory
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Maintaining confidentiality is important in nursing practice since it allows a healthy doctor-patient relationship to be established. According to Beltran-Aroca, et al., (2016), breaching privacy of patients in the clinical setting is a common occurrence in recent days due to the shortage of healthcare professionals and the rise in demand for healthcare. Sometimes clinicians, nurses, intern students, and other stakeholders share information regarding patients which is unethical.
I was once required to share a sensitive ethical issue practice change decision regarding patient confidentiality. I am a director of nursing in a skilled nursing facility. The breaches of confidentiality occur when a healthcare professional disclosures a patient’s information (Beltran-Aroca et al., 2016). This problem was common in my organization. This situation forced me to address the issue and therefore helped protect patients from defamation that could have resulted from the exposure. Since the sharing of patient information occurred within the hospital setting, employees were informed about this problem and notified that various techniques would be employed to end it. I decided to implement surveillance cameras to monitor how patient information was stored, used and shared. My decision also included implementing a health information management system that would ensure that digital and traditional …

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