Leadership Issues In Scripture

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Leadership Issues In Scripture

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The Bible says that Christian leadership is built on those principles that are absolutely contrary to the principles of the secular world. In practice, this is extremely rare. Therefore, the church needs such leaders, which will differ radically from the leaders of the secular world, because, according to the Scriptures, Jesus, being the Chief, was completely different from all worldly rulers.
“… All the same, their deeds are done so that people see them: they expand their vaults and increase the excitations of their clothes …”
Here Jesus speaks of the religious leaders of the time. They wore special clothes, thus demonstrating their religiosity. Christ told not to do this, and the Church should follow this command. He said that the Pharisees dressed for show, so that everyone could see how religious they were. There should be no such thing in the Church in any way.
“… They also like preemergence at feasts and presiding in synagogues and greetings in public gatherings, and that people call them: teacher, teacher, and you do not be called teachers, for one is your Teacher – Christ, yet you are brothers, and your father do not call anyone on earth, for one is your Father, who is in heaven, and do not be called preceptors, for one is your guide, the Christ, the greater of you shall be your servant: for whoever exalts himself will be humbled and humiliated himself, he will be exalted ”
This is the essence of Biblical leadership. I would like to examine several principles th…

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