Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management
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Leadership and Management
Leadership can be described as the ability to influence others such that the associated goals or objectives are achieved willingly. Management entails exerting control over operations to achieve the related goals as expected (Azan et.al, 2017). Leadership differs from management whereby the leading is associated with encouraging people. However, management focuses on the activities carried out in an organization. Leadership involves the followers trusting the guidance from the head while management involves the head exerting control over the subordinates (Azan et.al, 2017). It can be viewed that while leadership focuses on bringing change, management focuses on maintaining stability.
The goals of leadership and management may overlap especially on the fact that they both focus on the abilities and skills needed for one to ensure that a team achieves success. According to Azan et.al (2017), successful administrators possess both managerial and leadership skills. The basic view is that a leader becomes ineffective when he or she is unable to apply the managerial skills to assign resources needed to achieve the expected goals. Also, a manager who can adequately allocate resources but lacks vision is highly likely not to succeed in achieving the expected goals. The idea is that both processes are inefficient when used separately when compared to them working together (Azan et.al, 20…

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