Leadership and emotional intelligence

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Leadership and emotional intelligence

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.
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One encounters emotions everywhere in the workplace, and it is unavoidable to deal with them. Emotions determine most of the people’s behavior as they are hardwired into our system. It would be very unrealistic for an individual to expect the workplace to remain emotion-free. Managers and employees are both humans, and they cannot leave their feelings at the door when they check into work; it is unrealistic given our human nature. People take their humanity with them to work every single day… their excitement, happiness, laughter enthusiasm, anger, worry, disappointment, and sadness. People bring all of these to the workplace (Goleman & Boyatzis, 2002). Accordingly, it is vital for employers and employees alike to possess emotional intelligence. The reason behind this is because success in the workplace needs more than just being book smart; emotional intelligence is important as it determines how we interact and are perceived by people. This paper will discuss this matter and highlight its importance, particularly to managers. It will do this with the aid of real world examples.
The first part of the paper will be an example of a leader with low emotional intelligence. Paul is a manager in a new healthcare association. He seems to have it all; a Ph.D. degree from a good university, a razor-sharp wit, charisma, and an unstoppable energy. Considering all the latter attributes, Paul ough…

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