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M2A1: Individual Paper: Leaders in Today’s Organizations
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M2A1: Individual Paper: Leaders in Today’s Organizations
The paper delves into Emotional Intelligence (EI) and attempts to realize its place in the workplace. There is an examination of both high and low emotional intelligences; both of which play different roles in the leadership roles of a business. Most of the leaders utilize EI for proper decision making purposes and to ensure achievement of an organization’s goals. Without leaders, there is a possibility of the staff members to tread on misleading ideas that do not lead to business success. Embracement of EI tendencies, therefore, offers a salient indication that effective management of one’s emotions augurs fruitful results. The paper delves into accountability, transformational communication and values as the major avenues for exploring the paradigms of EI in the workplace. Finally, a conclusion that wraps up the ideas is also necessary to offer a summarized version of the paper’s content. Leaders in today’s organizations are urged to employ high emotional intelligence to augur fruitful results.
Emotional intelligence (EI) is a necessary and requisite tool in the workplace and its environs. It is the ability of individuals to take control of their emotions while looking into others’ as well (Mohla, 2015; Alhashemi & Tzudiker, 2011; Millar, 2012; Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). …

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