Lead pollution

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Lead pollution

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Preventing Lead Pollution
For the industrial sites, lead exposure can be prevented through designing storages that minimize the exposure to lead materials. For the storage piles, since they are vulnerable to dusting, they should be treated with dust suppression strategies. Moreover, these dust suppression strategies need to be implemented on cemented roadways in addition to often clean-up of all the areas neighboring the manufacturing site (Cheng & Hu, 74). Regularly cleaning of surfaces that are prone dust with the wet mob and even wiping down the floors minimizes the amount of lead from accumulating. For the water runoffs, they ought to be contained in storage space that has fitted drainage to enable the retaining and collection of the sediments. After that, the dust suppressions are solidified for proper disposal although they should be subjected to extra purification to prevent further lead pollution. For the fixed conveyor belts in the transfer points in industries, they ought to be held together with dry type dust collecting structures (United States, 72). For the tap water in homes, lead can be exposed to families and cause health risks. This can be prevented through implementation of proper distillation methods, and filtration through the application of carbon filters that are manufactured purposely to get rid of lead and installation of lead pipes (Cheyns, Peeters, Delcourt, & Smolders, 112). Moreover,…

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