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Law Book/movie review

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Gender Issues in the Media and Advertisement
Question 1
The media shapes the understanding of its audience regarding gender expectations. However, Kilbourne’s (00.00-15.50) presentation affirms that the contemporary media glorifies the objectification of women through sexually-designed ads. Suggett (n.p.) quotes the Dove and Aerie ads that align towards perfection, printing a false image of the ideal woman.
Question 2
The media today, through ads and other promotions, negatively affects the development process of people in middle adulthood. Most young women now strive to achieve the appearance of the falsified and photo-shopped ideal women. The teens fail to appreciate their bodies. Worst of all, the media presentation of sexuality through ads pins an inappropriate sexual orientation among the young adults.
The media, despite the negative presentation of women through ads, also takes a leading role in championing for the rights of women. Through the years, the media has been on the forefront in fighting for the rights of women and children, classifying them as the ‘marginalized and vulnerable’ populations. Various awareness campaigns continue to fight for measures aimed at safeguarding and defending the rights of women against all forms of oppression.
Question 3
The media presents certain prejudices and biases against growing adults. Women tend to be seen as sex objects, rather than as people of dignity. For example, the “Now Op…

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