Law and Ethics

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Law and Ethics

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Law and Ethics
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Law and Ethics
Ethics and laws are the outcomes of the understanding that unregulated human interactions often result in conflict and dispute. The ethics and laws in the society as well as in the workplace, therefore, ensure gracious interactions between individuals who are always in the company of each other. While ethics are innate, of personal responsibility in deciding between perceived right, and wrong, laws, on the other hand, are social obligations and often result in punitive measures for the offenders. Despite the differences, ethics and laws play a unified role in the protection of the assets and relationships of an organization. The association between ethics and law is such that laws enforce ethical behavior by converting the requirements of ethics into socially determined choices.
Laws and Regulations
Gareth R. Jones in his book on ‘the introduction to the business’ with a focus on ‘how companies can create value for people’ provides a concise description of law and the process of law in business. Conversely, the society can use political and legal processes to lobby for laws that specify what individuals in the said society can do or cannot do (Jones, 2007). In the same description of dos and don’ts, the laws also specify the ramifications of ignoring the boundaries, for businesses and even for individuals. The laws operate on the beliefs of the society regarding right and wrong, thereby cha…

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