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Laughter Promotes Physical and Emotional Wellbeing
Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and scientific studies have the evidence to back this claim. According to (Savage 341), “laughter is part of a universal language of basic emotions that all humans recognize.” Hence, among humans, laughter is an expressive form of emotional recognition, understanding, and empathy. Laughter can be used in medicine to treat particular kinds of patients such as those with cancer or terminal illness. The treatment using laughter is called laughter therapy (LT)t is Effective and helps prolong the life of terminal patients. Laughter has uses and applications besides medical treatment via laughter therapy. In our societies, humor is a skill and a necessity for modern life.
In society, there is a lot of stress from the daily life pressures. Laughter makes it possible for people to forget their problems and focus on what makes them happy. It is the reason why comedians are beloved in society. Anything can be funny even taboo topics. The point is that people laugh because they find the content relatable. It is easier to socialize while bonding over informal talk or jokes compared to say a formal speech or a business meeting. A strong emotional and mental faculty is a good foundation for physical wellbeing.
Savage (345) remarks that laughter works by tricking the mind that everything is fine. Concerning losing burdens, laughter and humor do very…

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