Latvian Adaptation to America

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Latvian Adaptation to America

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Latvian Adaptation in America
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Latvian Adaptation in America
It is the responsibility of the Boise HR manager to ensure that the Latvian expert adapts as fast as possible to his new working environment. The problems faced by most HRs is not talent acquisition but the following adjustment phase. As the manager of Boise company, it is my responsibility to facilitate the successful onboarding of this new employee. There may be many factors that would potentially affect the adjustment process such as culture shock (Lussier & Hendon, 2018). This can be reduced by letting the prospects know what to expect once they arrive at the company. This is called giving a pre-move guidance to the employee. Educational resources on language, the daily life, and culture will be provided. Before making the permanent move, the employee can visit the new country to experience how life is without the pressure of a new job. The HR should ensure that the employee is helped in settling to avoid confusion and stress. They can be helped with relocating their belongings, finding accommodation, sorting insurance, purchasing or leasing a vehicle.
Training should also be conducted as it is also part o employee development (Lussier & Hendon, 2018). The employee should be oriented and introduced to their new work place. Training ensures that the employee learns more about their role and what goes on in the organization. The expert also to be compensated in accorda…

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