Latinos/Hispanics in the Criminal Justice System

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Latinos/Hispanics in the Criminal Justice System

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Latinos/Hispanics in the Criminal Justice System
Latinos of the age below 30 years are much exposed to risks of crime violent compared to whites in the United States. Moreover, when a Latino resident reports an incidence of insecurity his/her issue is less considered by the police. As a result, they get demoralized while some lose confident on the police system. There is a large difference between Latino and other ethnic groups in terms of victimization and how the issues are handled (Oboler, 2005). When a research was conducted in the whole of America to evaluate the causes of such disparities, it shows that Latinos are less considered even by the criminal justice system. Latinos have been in the United States since early days. Most of them immigrated and decided to settle permanently in the United States and as a result starting to multiple; their number increased immensely. However, most of them were born and raised in America. They benefited a lot living in the United States, their children got proper education, and there were also available resources that they were allowed to exploit. Due to the high population of Latinos, research shows that they are most likely to drop out of school at a lower age. Moreover, the ones who drop out of school become teenage parents. Poverty follows since there is need to feed and sustain the family. Since there is no other option of surviving, most of them become gangs that risk the lives of many people around the c…

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