Latin America History

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Latin America History

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Latin American History
Latin American was coined through fire and blood dating back to conquest and slavery (Chasteen 1). Currently, slavery is no longer a pressing issue; therefore, as we focus on the new challenges, it is important to know the Latin present problems. As such, it is paramount to focus on a specific factor that has placed these people in the current position rather than gambling with the enormous history that lacks value.
Interestingly, Latin Americans are the most racially diverse people in the world since they constitute of indigenous Americans, Africa and Europe (Chasteen 2). Ironically, the other refers to them as people of extreme inequality, as they are characterized by enormous disparities in relations to individual’s wellbeing and wealth (Chasteen 3). The author presents some conflicting facts and arguments that need to be clarified. For instance, in the current economic realm of the United States, Latin Americans live and work in an environment that is not so different from that of the Middle-class set by internal accepted measures of the middle class (Chasteen 3). Yet, the majority of the Latin Americans are still subjects of deprivation and poverty, and still inhabit hovels particularly in the developed countries. Though the Latin countries in South America held a higher rank and stood respected at the global ranking in terms of social and economic development, Latin Americans fall short the expected st…

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