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Lab report topic on pictures

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This report shall interrogate the impact of human activity and particularly through the various uses of land along the Nashua River in Massachusetts. It will reveal the impact of said land uses on the land and their potential for benefit.
The objectives of the study were to;Evaluate land-use along the Nashua River;
Analyze the potential impact of these land-uses on the quality of water; and
Find solutions geared towards rehabilitating the quality of water on the Nashua River watershed.
The various land-uses in place by the inhabitants of the Nashua River watershed in Massachusetts are responsible for a strain on the river’s basin and the natural resources ancillary to it.
The land uses include:
Water reservoirs and dams;
Wildlife conservation initiatives ;
Human Settlement; and
Recreational uses.
Human activity is undoubtedly present in the Nashua River watershed, and that this land-use has a detrimental impact on the quality of water. The water quality in this river was assessed through an observation of various key indicators including; the acidity of the water; the volume of living organisms visible in the water, and other study reports on the quality of water. In light of the foregoing parameters, it is accurate to infer that the quality of water is slightly compromised, an indicator of pollution from human activity.
In the event of the introduction of a shopping area that …

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