King Solomon

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King Solomon

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King Solomon’s mines is a novel about a story of the exploration of Africa focusing on the different encounters, both geographical, and social-cultural. It also explores a time in the world where Africa was a region experiencing colonialism and other forms of bondage. Imperialism is a major aspect represented in the novel together with slavery. It is representative of a quest to control the African continent through the use of force which led to the bondage of people in their own land (Haggard, 2018). The novel, therefore, explores imperialism based on its implication of the natives especially on black slaves who their humanity was stripped away and considered as animals at the time. To them, prudence meant finding ways of surviving and stay alive despite the inhuman conditions and treatment form their masters. Las Casas also explores the concept of prudence based on the nature of colonialism and the atrocities associated with it. To him, colonialism was very cruel and dehumanizing to natives. The imperialist were greedy which led to high levels of corruption and stealing of massive amounts of wealth from Africa (Haggard, 2018). The novel that concentrates on prudence as a factor of survival for the natives because of the high level of cruelty fueled by greed by the imperialism that led to a considerable amount of pain and human suffering. The subjection of natives to slavery and other forms of dehumanizing conditions ensured that there…

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