Karl Marx

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Karl Marx

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Aspects of Karl Marx Life Which Help Us Understand His Vocation as Political Philosophers
Karl Marx was involved with young Hegelians who were a radical group that criticized the religious and political systems of their time.
After getting his doctorate, Marx could not get any job due to his radical politics hence he became a journalist, and Karl Marx first journalism work is a critique of the Prussian feudal-absolute system.
Aspects of The Times in Which Karl Marx Live(D) That Influenced His Work as Political Thinkers
During Karl Marx times there was a lot of revolutions.
First, there was the France revolution of July 1830.
Second, the Belgium revolution of the same year.
Third the Poland uprising between 1830 and 1831.
The Main Influences On Karl Marx Work
His father, Heinrich Marx, who influenced him to take-up law
G.W.F. Hegel who taught him philosophy
Bruno Bauer and Ludwig Feuerbach whom he critiqued their works
Arnold Ruge whom he founded with a political journal
Friedrich Engels his long life friend and collaborator
The Nature of Political Ideas Karl Marx Came Up With
Marx’s central idea involved two basic concepts;
First is that the economic system determines the current ideas that people have in place.
Second is that history is something that changes with the changes in the economic system
Karl Marx Legacy as Far as The Theory and Practice of Politics is Concerned Today
Through Marx’s communist manifest…

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