Kaffir boy sentences

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Kaffir boy sentences

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Kaffir Boy Sentences
Direct Object Sentences (10)
“Look over there,” Granny pointed. “White schoolchildren are crossing the road.”
The boys were neatly dressed in snow-white shirts, blazers with badges, preppy caps with badges, ties matching the badges, shiny black and brown shoes, worsted knee-high socks.
The girls wore pleated gym dresses with badges, show-white shirts, caps with badges, blazers with badges, ties matching badges, shining black and brown shoes.
I appeared like a Jack-in-the-box.
Clyde quickly ran down his long list of “easy” books
“Watch your filthy mouth, Clyde,” Mrs. Smith said, flushing crimson.
My senses were numb with anger; I moved about as in a nightmare, obeying every order.
We finally came to Clyde’s playroom.
Mrs. Smith’s neighbour’s children kept on casting curious glances over the fence
I could not find the answers, yet I felt there was something wrong about white people having everything, and black people nothing.
Indirect Object Sentences (5)
I gazed through the window and for the first time in my life saw white schoolchildren.
Minutes after all the white schoolchildren were safely across, traffic moved.
She called me to the care to remove several shopping bags from the backseat.
All information was entered onto forms, to be fed into a computer later.
The white man stared at them for a couple moments, then said: “Okay, next
Appositive sentences (5)
As we …

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