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Kaffir Boy revised

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Kaffir Boy: Apartheid in South Africa
The period between 1948 and 1994 marked a painful time in the history of South Africa. Essentially, this era was characterized by a system of established racial discrimination and segregation, popularly known as Apartheid (Mathabane 3). In his book, Mark Mathabane uses the character, Koffir Boy, to document the life and experiences in South Africa during the apartheid regime.
Thesis. Primarily, Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy teaches about the painful experiences that blacks underwent during the apartheid regime because of the suffering, Bantu homeland citizenship Act, pass laws, anti-mixed marriage Act, that the white minority government to perpetrated to ensure continued racial segregation and discrimination.
Theme I: Bantu Homeland Citizenship
In 1970, the apartheid system instituted an act that took away the national citizenship of all black South Africans. Blacks were categorized into ethnic groups, and each group was divided into Bantustans (homelands) that were completely distinct from South Africa.
Theme II: Pass Laws
The pass law was a key policy during the apartheid. According to Mathabane, these laws required all the Bantus (Black South Africans) to carry identity documents permitting their presence in regulated areas, such as whites’ neighborhoods. As Allen affirms, pass laws also prohibited social contacts between different races, restricted opportunities and areas of e…

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