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According to the law, juveniles are defined as individuals who are young and not held responsible for different acts of crime. Most states and the federal government have set this age at 18 years old. Different jurisdictions have different age sets that determine a juvenile. The age’s definitions are often important because they make determinations whether individuals should be charged at the adult courts or the juvenile courts. The juvenile courts possess three important categories that include those accused of criminal activities, those accused of a status offense and those who are abused or neglect by their caregivers. There are instances whereby juveniles are charged in the adult courts, and this often poses a serious problem to the accused and their family members. This paper provides the various problems associated with juveniles being charged at the adult courts and also provides different solutions to the problems. It also provides information about factual evidence and its importance when dealing with juvenile cases.
Juveniles being charged as adults
There is no human being who can ignore a serious matter like murder, however sending juveniles to adult’s courts and condemning them to death is a tragic end in itself (Jaeger 540). Such acts are likened to taking the life of that particular child and torturing others. For a long period, English and American common law confirmed that young children belo…

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