Juvenile Probation Officer

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Juvenile Probation Officer

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Juvenile Probation Officer
A Juvenile probation officer is responsible for overseeing adolescents who are on probation. The officer helps the offenders adhere to the stipulated orders within unsupervised and structured environments.
Working under the department requires individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or any other similar fields (Rapp-Paglicci 18). The main duty of such an officer is to work with adolescents and teens on parole. Instead of detention, most judges apply probation when juveniles dealing with juveniles. Prevalence of such options requires officers who are able to deal with offenders and help them back to the society as productive members.
Juvenile probation officers supervise all the adolescents who are under their care. The officers meet with the offenders and their families regularly to assess and research about their history. Through regular visits, the officers also ensure that the adolescents on parole comply with all the terms from the juvenile court. The officers also work closely with the court and the affected families to provide counseling to the juvenile. Such provisions ensure change of behavior to the adolescents, and enable them to embark on their education without problems.
The daily routine is centered within interviewing guardians and parents, investigating various cases and making recommendations to the courts on the progress of the adolescent in q…

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