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Just like us.

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Just the Two of Us
In the poem “Just the Two of Us” by Tomioka Taeko, the speakers of the poem seem to be a woman and man who are in love. The couple tends to be overwhelmed with love such that they have little concern around their environment anymore. It can be noted that one of the speakers in the poem puts it clear that “we’ll shut the door and lock them” (Schwiebert, 281) this is to mean the couple wants to cut-off themselves from the society. In addition, the speakers of the poem are focused on simple aspects of life “tea and toast” and they are satisfied. The couple has had rough times in their lives and hence do not fear death (Schwiebert, 281).
Tomioka begins the poem with the couple preparing tea and toast. The poem further illustrates that the couple had gone through a lot in their marriage and could only afford tea and toast. Tomioka makes it appear that the couple had nothing to fear “there will be a time when you or I will bury you or me in the garden” (Schwiebert, 281) in this statement the speaker did not fear death. Based on this poem, Tomioka wants to pass the message that in marriage people actually go through a lot of challenge, but if the couple is strong, then they can support each other.
A personal connection with the work of Tomioka Taeka is based on the idea that it is also a good idea that couples should not share their predicaments to the publ…

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