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Democracy and Nazism
Meaning of Volksgemeinschaft
Volksgemeinschaft was a term propagated by the Nazi regime meaning “people’s community” (Welch 213). The term was popular throughout the First World War and was used to mean the idea of breaking down the elitism in order to unify people from various class divides focused on achieving national goals and purpose. Thus, Volksgemeinschaft, as envisioned by Hitler, meant a racially unified and hierarchically organized body where people’s interests are entirely subordinate to those of Volk or nation (Wildt 1).
Purpose of Volksgemeinschaft
Volksgemeinschaft was used to articulate or envision a new German society that was against the class division, and traditional religion ideologies and rather focused on realizing a united German identity anchored upon the ideas of state leadership, struggle and race (Closmann 20). The other purpose was to create a ‘Volk’ people or nation from superior human races as derived from the concept of social Darwinism (Welch 214). By this, Nazis thought they were the master race since they considered pure Aryans.
Effect of Policies Enacted During Volksgemeinschaft
The Nazi established DAF led by law which not only replaces trade unions but also established a true social and productive community. This helped to improve employees’ wages, reduced dismissal and established a regular working time (Wildt 1). The DAF propagated the…

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